Technical Requirements

The Online Specific Claims Research Course is designed to be interactive and accessible. The course uses open-source, publicly available software, such as Firefox, Adobe Reader and Flash.

You will need the following to access the course material:

  1. High speed internet
  2. Windows NT, XP, Vista, W7, W8, or W10 computer operating system or iOS 7 or later computer operating system.
  3. Firefox web browser (Version 3.6 or higher) or Google Chrome web browser. Google Chrome and Firefox are the optimal browsers for using the features of this course. This course will not operate properly in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

    Install Google Chrome by clicking here.

    Read how to install Firefox for PC by clicking here.

    Read how to install Firefox for Mac by clicking here.

    Download Firefox by clicking here.

  4. Now that you have downloaded and installed Firefox, exit the course and close out your internet browser (Internet Explorer or Safari for instance). Open Firefox, search for The UBCIC Specific Claims Research Course, and login again to continue. Use the menu on the left side of your screen to return to this unit.

  5. Adobe Reader. Downloading Adobe Reader will allow you to read Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Many of the document examples in the course units and all of the course assignments are in PDF format.

    Download Adobe Reader by clicking here

  6. Adobe Flash Player May 2018, PLEASE NOTE:
    You will need to download the new Adobe Acrobat Flash Player to view all the course video segments as of May 2018.
    Download Adobe Acrobat Flash Player by clicking here

  7. WinZip.
    PLEASE find out if your machine has file extraction software before downloading WinZip!
    You may look in your 'START' menu, under 'Help & Support', and enter 'compressed files' into the search box, to see what your system has available.
    Most operating systems have their own file extraction software, which can be used to open or create compressed files. If not, WinZip will allow you to open the compressed folder containing the course exercises and evaluation forms. If you do not have file extraction software, you will be directed to access a free WinZip trial download in the next unit of this chapter. If you are using an Apple or Mac computer, WinZip is not required as most up-to-date iOS systems have extraction software built in.

  8. Enable JavaScript. A number of websites that you will be asked to view in the course require you to activate JavaScript to permit your computer to correctly process and display their contents.

    To enable JavaScript in Firefox, follow the directions below:

    • Open the Firefox Start page.
    • Click the "Tools" tab located at the top left of your screen.
    • From the drop down menu, click "Options".
    • Click the "Content" tab located along the top of the new window.
    • Ensure that the box labeled "Enable JavaScript" is checked.

    To enable JavaScript in Google Chrome:

    • Click the Chrome menu icon Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
    • Select Settings.
    • On the "Settings" page, click the Show advanced settings link.
    • In the "Privacy" section, click Content settings.
    • Select Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended) in the "JavaScript" section.
    • Click Done.
  9. Viewing Images. Throughout the course, you will be required to view images. To facilitate this, follow the instructions below:
    • Click once on an image to enlarge.
    • When you are finished, click the small "X" on the bottom right hand corner of the image to close.
    • See the unit on 'Recommendations' in this chapter for more detailed instructions on viewing different types of image throughout the course.

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