Important Dates

The UBCIC Online Specific Claims Research Course is offered 2 times per year over a period of 8-10 weeks.

Course offerings for 2020:

  • The Spring Course is now closed.
  • Registration dates for the next course will be posted shortly.

Please note that all evaluations and assignments must be completed by the end date posted above in order to obtain a completion certificate.

We will announce future course dates and registration deadlines on an ongoing basis.

Course Queries

Although this course is mainly self directed, we are here to help and you will find several strategies for finding the answers you are looking for.

  1. It is important to review the 'Getting Started' chapter for valuable information on how to make the course run smoothly and efficiently for yourself and the computer.
    You may access some units before the course has begun by clicking the 'Getting Started' link at the top of this page.
  2. Contact the Course Administrator from 9-11am Monday to Friday:
    If you have questions about course content, or need help with issues not dealt with in the other sections, feel free to contact the Course Administrator, who will be available each morning, Monday to Friday, 9-11am and who will make sure your query is dealt with promptly.

    The Union of BC Indian Chiefs
    401-312 Main Street,
    Vancouver, BC,
    V6A 2T2
    Phone: 604-684-0231
    Fax: 604-684-5726

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Downloading and Printing Course Materials

Many students have requested pdfs of the course text to save or print for future reference. A printer-friendly version and a pdf version are now available at the bottom of each page throughout the course for your convenience.

Forum and Cohorts:

We hope at a future date, to enable functions on the site that will allow students to take part in a forum and to contact other members of their course peers or 'cohort' as part of the course activities.When that time comes, all students will have the opportunity to share their personal information with their fellow students or not, as they see fit, through their profile page and the forum. Until that time, however, any information you give us here will be kept strictly confidential and will come to the course administrator only.