This preliminary chapter will provide you with instructions to ensure that the Specific Claims Research Course operates smoothly from your computer.

  • PLEASE REVIEW the unit titled "Technical Requirements" and follow the instructions for downloading the Firefox or Google Chrome web browser, Adobe and other programs that allow you to view course images and videos and access external websites.

    Next, read through the "Course Structure" unit, which explains how the course is organized and provides instructions for downloading folders containing course exercises.

    The next unit provides recommendations on using features of the course. The final unit acknowledges the contributors who made this course possible.

    If you are experiencing problems, you may return to the Getting Started chapter at any point in the course to review the technical requirements.

    • Contact the Course Administrator from 9-11am Monday to Friday:
      If you have questions about course content, or need help with issues not dealt with in the other sections, feel free to contact the Course Administrator, who will be available each morning, Monday to Friday, 9-11am and who will make sure your query is dealt with promptly.

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    Getting Started Chapter Learning Objectives

    • Review, download and install necessary technical requirements.
    • Review course structure.
    • Review and download necessary excercies folders.
    • Review course acknowledgements and terminology.

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